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Guidelines for Submitting Comments

By: John Rowlinson - Updated: 3 Aug 2018 | comments*Discuss

Great comments and feedback really enhance the value of our articles to our readers and we encourage them. Comments are for feedback and help from other readers, we do try and respond ourselves, but do not be offended if yours is not answered.

Your email addresses are stored securely and are not shared with any other organisations.

Just so you know we will not publish anything which:

  • Might offend or upset anyone.
  • Is not in English (as we probably won't understand it!).
  • That breaches copyright or any laws.
  • Has a signature link. The chance of us approving a comment is much slimmer if there is a signature in the body of the comment.

We rarely respond to comments that are too lengthy or do not have a clear question; sharing your experience with other readers is welcomed, but if you do pose a question at the end we are unlikely to have read the whole post.

We may also edit your article for typing and grammatical errors but we will not edit the content to alter the emphasis or meaning.

All this said we do really value comments and hope that you will post information that will be valuable to our readers, and that we can all learn from.

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