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Whether you're a witness, claimant, defendant or juror you are likely to be apprehensive about attending court. Procedures and formalities in court can vary widely depending on the nature of the hearing and the type of court. Whichever court you are attending, there is a wealth of information available on this site to ensure that you know what to expect.
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Adoption: The Adoption and Children Act 2002: An Overview, How to Apply for...
Appeals: Court of Appeal Civil Division, European Appeal Cases, The Criminal...
Civil Courts: Small Claims
Civil Courts: Small Claims: Defending Yourself in the Small Claims Court,...
Different Courtrooms
Different Courtrooms: The Supreme Court Explained, The European Court...
Divorce Court
Divorce Court: About the Divorce Court, Handling a Divorce, Divorce and your...
In Trouble
In Trouble: Pleading Guilty and the Courts, Your Rights on Arrest, Police and...
Preparing For Court
Preparing For Court: What Happens Before a Court Appearance?, Court...
Role of a Lawyer
Role of a Lawyer: Ethics and the Law, A Lawyer's Duties to an Unrepresented Pa...
Stand Alone Guides
Stand Alone Guides: How to Complain About the Courts and Police, Probation and Community...
The English Legal System
The English Legal System: Common Law in England, Statute Law in En...
The Justice Process
The Justice Process: Court: Recall on Licence, Things to Know When...
Victims of Crime
Victims of Crime: Victim Support After a Crime, When You Are the Victim of Domestic...
Latest Comments
  • William Pert
    Re: Common Law in England
    I am looking for a citation to a recent court opinion that reaffirms that the Common L aw is still in effect today. Can you provide one?
    20 July 2019
  • Louise
    Re: A Guide to Court Orders
    My mum has a residency order for my child I want it lifted and want to learn more about the law how?
    19 July 2019
  • Jim
    Re: Police and Court Bail
    Hi im on 24 hour curfew and have apply for adress change cause of houseowner wants me too go wat do i do if stil awaiting awnser frm adress…
    18 July 2019
  • Happynana
    Re: Court Costs and Legal Aid
    Hi my son wants to go for access to his children but his ex is messing him around with access can he get legal access and will he get…
    17 July 2019
  • kowala
    Re: Court: Recall on Licence
    Hi who shall I write to regarding my partners recall and his mental health
    16 July 2019
  • Spot face
    Re: Breach of Court Order: What Steps to Take Next?
    I had a court order to see my 3 children in which my ex breach of order. I went for enforcement order. My…
    13 July 2019
  • Nathan
    Re: Information about the Magistrates court
    Hello I've just been given my court date for being over the limit on thc how do I go about getting a duty solicitor,…
    10 July 2019
  • Shell
    Re: Why Was I Picked For Jury Service?
    Hi, If I have been summons for jury service will I definitely have to attend or is it a process of elimination? Thank you.
    8 July 2019
  • Hev
    Re: Victim Support After a Crime
    My partner was victim of a vicious dog attack where he and 4 other people were attacked. It went to court over 12 months ago and…
    8 July 2019
  • KathChesh
    Re: Release on Home Detention Curfew
    Hi there, a dear friend has been sentenced and due for release in 2021. He said he will be applying for tag next year. I just…
    7 July 2019
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