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Whether you're a witness, claimant, defendant or juror you are likely to be apprehensive about attending court. Procedures and formalities in court can vary widely depending on the nature of the hearing and the type of court. Whichever court you are attending, there is a wealth of information available on this site to ensure that you know what to expect.
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Adoption: The Adoption and Children Act 2002: An Overview, How to Apply for...
Appeals: Court of Appeal Civil Division, European Appeal Cases, The Criminal...
Civil Courts: Small Claims
Civil Courts: Small Claims: Defending Yourself in the Small Claims Court,...
Different Courtrooms
Different Courtrooms: The Supreme Court Explained, The European Court...
Divorce Court
Divorce Court: About the Divorce Court, Handling a Divorce, Divorce and your...
In Trouble
In Trouble: Pleading Guilty and the Courts, Your Rights on Arrest, Police and...
Preparing For Court
Preparing For Court: What Happens Before a Court Appearance?, Court...
Role of a Lawyer
Role of a Lawyer: Ethics and the Law, A Lawyer's Duties to an Unrepresented Pa...
Stand Alone Guides
Stand Alone Guides: How to Complain About the Courts and Police, Probation and Community...
The English Legal System
The English Legal System: Common Law in England, Statute Law in En...
The Justice Process
The Justice Process: Court: Recall on Licence, Things to Know When...
Victims of Crime
Victims of Crime: Victim Support After a Crime, When You Are the Victim of Domestic...
Latest Comments
  • Queenie
    Re: Court: Recall on Licence
    My partner was recalled because someone accused of a crime.However charges were dropped as they admitted they lied.however cause of…
    25 February 2021
  • Tez
    Re: Police and Court Bail
    Hi I am on bail because of my ex and I can not have no contact but she has been texting and harrasing me I haven't answered nothing can she…
    23 February 2021
  • Alig
    Re: Police and Court Bail
    How do I contact the police about someone breaching there bail I don’t like being on the phone is there any other way I can contact them?
    21 February 2021
  • Fran
    Re: Court Costs and Legal Aid
    Can a parent get financial support to attend court when their 13yr old child is on trial
    18 February 2021
  • Anthony Constantinou
    Re: Common Law in England
    Anthony Constantinou CEO CWM FX likes your blog
    17 February 2021
  • Sooz
    Re: How to Complain About the Courts and Police
    Hey Don’t know if I’m in the right place. My OH is standing trial for murder and possession of a firearm with…
    16 February 2021
  • gurt
    Re: Police and Court Bail
    Hi I'm just wondering if some one could help me I have received mail in the post regarding some male been released on court bail but he is…
    15 February 2021
  • Lil
    Re: Rules of Jury Service
    Can I be permanently excused from jury summons if I suffer from severe panic attacks anxiety and other health conditions I can not leave my…
    13 February 2021
  • Social Issues
    Re: Pre-Sentence Reports
    Hello, United99. You can contact the Probation Service by email. It will be sufficient to tell them what you've told us. The Probation…
    13 February 2021
  • United99
    Re: Pre-Sentence Reports
    Hi, I had a PSR appointment arranged for 09:30 this morning via telephone call and didn’t receive any dialling information, just a direct…
    13 February 2021
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