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How to Complain About the Courts and Police

By: Dave Howell - Updated: 21 Mar 2022 | comments*Discuss
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The police and courts attempt to operate efficiently, but there may be incidents where you believe that you have been treated unfairly. In these cases you are completely within your legal rights to to make a complaint. The justice system we have is based in fairness. The law requires that defendants can usually appeal a court decision, and that citizens complaining about the court that has dealt with their case or the police are given a fair hearing.

How to Complain About the Police

There is an independent body called the Police Complaints Authority (PCA). This was set-up by central government to give the public a mechanism by which they could make complaints against the police. Each police force has its own complaints team that deal specifically with complaints directed at their officers.

Complaints about the police can range from minor offenses such as the use of excessive force during an arrest, to more serious complaints such as racism, or the death of a suspect in custody. The police are governed by a Code of Practice that gives them guidelines on how to behave and carry out their duties. You can see a copy of this code at your local library. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the code before you make a complaint.

Note that you should make your complaint within 12 months of the incident you are complaining about. Also, any serious incidents will have to go to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for consideration. If you have a complaint and live in England and Wales you make your complaint about the police in a number of ways. These include:

  • By contacted the police force directly
  • Via your solicitor or other legal representative
  • With the help of your local MP
  • With the help of the Citizens Advice Bureau

If you live in Scotland you should direct your complaint to the chief constable of the police force concerned. If the incident is serious and involved an officer breaking the law, your complaint should be directed to the Procurator Fiscal Service as this is the same as the CPS in England and Wales. And if you are in Northern Ireland, contact the Police Ombudsman.

How to Complain About the Courts

If you feel that the court handling your case hasn’t done so professionally, and you haven’t received proper justice in your case, you can make a complaint directly with the court by contacting a member of the court staff either in person or via phone. You may want to make your complain more formal and in writing. If this is the case you need to complete form EX343A. You can download the form from the HMCS website. You should receive a reply about your complaint within 5 working days. When you make your complaint ensure that:

  • You describe all the facts relating to your complaint in as much detail as possible
  • Clearly explain why you think the court made a mistake with your case
  • What loss (if any) you have suffered as a consequence of the mistake or conduct of the court

If you are making a complaint about a specific member of court staff, and feel you have made a loss, you may be able to claim compensation. This will depend on the nature of your complaint.

Any complaint you make will be investigated and a decision made about any action to be taken. If you disagree with the outcome of your complaint, you can ask the Area Director to further consider your complaint. And if you are still not satisfied with the Area Director’s decision about your complaint, you can contact the Customer Service Unit by telephone on: 0845 4568770 or 020 7189 2000. Disability Helpline/Textphone: Freephone 0800 358 3506.

If after going through this procedure you still believe your complaint hasn’t been dealt with properly, you can contact the The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. You can’t contact this service directly, but your MP can help you make contact with them.

How to Complain About a Judge or Judicial Decision

After the court case you are involved with has finished and you feel that your case wasn’t dealt with properly under the law, or that the presiding judge didn’t perform their duties in accordance with the law, you can make an appeal. Appeals can be effective, but take legal advice before you proceed with your complaint. All appeals need to be made quickly and directly to the court where your case was heard.

Making complaints about specific judges will mean contacting the Office for Judicial Complaints. You can telephone them on: 20 3334 2555, or visit their website

Complaining about a magistrate will mean you have to contact the local Advisory Committee. The court where you case was heard can give you their contact details. If you are not happy with their decision, you can then take your complaint to the Office for Judicial Complaints.

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I need advice.My case has now been in court 2 1/2 years.I emailed the court last January having not heard back since October of last year.My email/s were not acknowledged.I called several times but they don't answer their phones.I went into the court with a friend and was given an envelope and paper and told to write and put in in the box, I asked what was happening to my case.I received an email on 7th February telling me my case had gone in front of the judge for directions. I sent the court another email today.I received a reply telling me my case had not gone in front of a judge and thanked me for my patience. I replied asking the court to explain, showing the email they had sent me on 7th February. I have had no reply. I have a dentist in court who I have paid an Expert to fail, he saw haf my bone in my jaw missing but told the technician (not a clinician) that my bone and implants were sound.They were not.I am needing an operation, I cannot eat solid food.I am 72 this year. The court is aware of this.What on earth can I do?How much longer do I have to wait, it feels like forever and I will never eat a proper meal again.
FedUp - 21-Mar-22 @ 1:12 PM
This is an ongoing problem with me and Lincoln police and crown court. I've had police try and plant evidence in full view of public CCTV I made the complaint to the Lincoln IPCC and was phoned up and told to shut it. So I made that all public on a website they then shut my website down by contacting the service provider 16 years they remanded me into custody took all my electronic equipment and deleted the master copies of all complaints about the Lincoln police force and the master copies of the full details of what's gone on. I'm never allowed to pick my own solicitors in court and every time I get forced to take a guilty this time despite sacking my barrister and solicitor twice I was told by judge Pini I will not represent myself although legally I'm entitled too. This is not justice it's criminal.
Cal - 18-Mar-22 @ 7:23 AM
Employment Tribunal in November 2013 heard by Judge Maxwell at Bristol ET. Judge rejected request for key evidence to be disclosed by the other party, failed to follow many of the Rules of Procedure and then failed to respond to a request for reconsideration. Huge administration errors from court staff including names being incorrect on paperwork. You are told the British legal system is the best in the world until you have to deal with the complete shambles that passes for 'justice'.
Simon - 26-Sep-21 @ 5:58 PM
I need some help. Someone close to me was accused of raping a prostitute that he paid....not only did they conceal she was a prostitute in court, evidence to show his innocence was witheld by the cps. This evidence is text messages from the accuser to her friend discussing whether they can get some money out of accusing him and discussing between them whether they should go ahead with the complaint or not.He was found GUILTY! Hoe is this right?! He was given a very long sentence (nearly life) for a crime He did not commit. He is waiting on a date to appeal the sentence but has now been told by his solicitor that nothing can be done about the conviction because this evidence has suddenly been destroyed AFTER the solicitor asked for it. No one can understand why this even went to trial. He has clearly been set up and the police and cps have gone along with it. Many other things were witheld too. Can someone give me some advice urgently as to what can be done. There must be a way of obtaining that phone evidence again??
C - 24-Aug-21 @ 6:44 PM
Complaint about the canterbury crown courtin my son's trail 9thNov to 20Nov20 8 defendants missing from the trail media trai the cps Simon Taylor and DC short withheld evidence in the trail not all was mentioned they have committed criminal offences in the court abused the justice system and put my son in prison for a crime he didn't commit no evidence against him No DNA and 100% I see what they did in the trailI not going to stop until I get justice for my son court there will be they are going to prison 100% .
Jo - 30-Apr-21 @ 3:36 PM
Hey Don’t know if I’m in the right place. My OH is standing trial for murder and possession of a firearm with intent. The court have heard that he was not involved in the planning and that the forearm he has was not involved in the murder. New evidence has come to light that proves other people could have been involved and carried out this act. Yet the police won’t allow the evidence to be read in court. This is evidence that proves my partners innocence. Police have neglected to show other evidence that also show his innocence by taking out vital parts of messages to change how they come across. They have also stated they had the evidence on the other people but they have destroyed it ! ?????
Sooz - 16-Feb-21 @ 9:41 AM
Hi!! Please advice what should i do, my case history is: 2. The actual damage started on 24 February 2014 when the applicant’s Tier 4 student application was unlawfully refused by the Secretary of the state by failing to comply Tier 4 policy guidelines (2014-2016), as a result he lost Section 3C Leave to remain and became jobless and destitute. Afterward the litigation operations acknowledge this unlawful refusal and pledged that a new decision will be made, (which never happened). The secretary of the state did not stopped her, but on October 2016 she falsely accused the applicant for submitting a fraudulent TOIEC Certificate. In 2017 she again accused him for this forged TOIEC submission without release any burden of proof. The applicant never submitted any fraudulent certificate and was not required to do so as he was holding a UK Master’s degree. This false accusation prevented the applicant to obtain new CAS from the Swansea University. In September 2017 the Swansea University again granted him an offer letter but that offer letter also rejected by the Secretary of the state on basis of 24 February 2014 refusal, unfortunately despite that it was accepted that the February 2014 Refusal will be reconsidered.This show the series of misconducts was carried out deliberately so that the applicant cannot obtain a new CAS. This is a discrimination and prejudices and victimisation it did not stop her, the British judges concealed these material facts and favoured the Home department. To refuse the applicant’s appeal applications. 3. On 31 March 2017 he sent a request letter to the secretary of the state for extension of time to obtain a necessary CAS,( information was sent via FLR (O) attached with a reasoned/supporting cover letter requesting the secretary of the state for extension of time to obtain necessary CAS). It was not a human rights application or the applicant was not intended to vary his outstanding Tier 4 student application. This is confirmed by the Home Office SAR record 2019. The Home Office case worker initially accepted this request and granted 45 days of extension until 24 May 2017, however, on 31 May 2017 the secretary of the state made two ambiguous claims. The initial claim was made on 31 May 2017 that it a human right application on private life and was finally refused under paragraph 353. However, no such reference was made on this request letter. This was challenged in the Upper Tribunal through PAP. On 26 Sept 2019, the Secretary of the state in her Acknowledge of services letter made another ambiguous claim that it is a human rights claim basis of medical grounds and ill health. These manipulated and fabricated decisions were supported by the British Judges without any reexaminations, or any adequate redress, unfortunately. Thus the migrant applicant was not treated fairly. 4. There is no alternative effective remedy available to the applicant, and the circumstances are exceptional in this case because he has been trea
Sam - 23-Jan-21 @ 3:54 PM
Having paid£185 for a online money claim, the Judge put the case forward to be heard in the small claims court, another £335. I sent all the evidence in. At the hearing l was treated like the defendant. It was clear that the Judge had made his mind up before the case started. At the end of the case he went straight into the summing up and made the Judgement against me. It made no difference what l said, The defendant was untruthful and the Judge knew it. It was a waste of time and money, farcical.
Kent - 14-Jan-21 @ 5:11 PM
I had my money under the protection of The Court of Protection via Deputy Julia Lomas of Irwin Mitchell Solicitors. I was defrauded out of £450,000 and with other mis-management claims the total loss I incurred was £575,000. The situation went before an arbitrator and all Irwin Mitchell offered as compensation was £80,000. My Barrister managed to get that amount increased to £350,000. So I ended up £225,000 out of pocket. Why should I end up £225,000 out of pocket due to the mis-management of a Court of Protection Deputy. The whole point of placing my money in the hands of The Court of Protection was to protect it. Why can't I claim the £225,000 directly from The Court of Protection? I am not at all happy about the situation.
erikyoung - 11-Jan-21 @ 12:04 PM
Hi I need some help my partner is in a court hearing with a judge that is very biased she has a Cao and this was set by this judge but the judge was previously demonstrated against by father for being the opposite way now she seriously favours the fathers my partner has enough conflicting evidence to contradict the ex husbands claims she is breaking the order but the judge will not even acknowledge what she has to say only her sons father gets to say his accusations she doesn’t have the money for a solicitor but the judge refused a Mckenzie friend with no reasonable grounds last hearing she has sent her acknowledgment and told the judge she would like a Mckenzie friend this time the judge has replied that she will deal with the application for a Mckenzie friend at commencement of the hearing is this correct way to deal with this the ex states in one statement he says he applies for csa he was the one not paying and my partner had to apply and also has an email for being the applicant for csa plus at least three other lies she can prove with messages and email we just don’t know which way to turn
Big lad - 3-Nov-20 @ 6:59 PM
I lodged a civil case against my old boss who then became my landlord when I took over the business and insisted he took my old position; something I felt coerced into agreeing to for fear he would make my tenancy difficult. Long story very short - he made my life hell for a year. I have suspicion that he had me take on the business for his financial gain with the goal of making me give up my position - he could then come back and take over again without having to pay back the six figure sum he received. When his attempts of causing financial stress failed, and his attempts of bullying and victimisation failed, and his onslaught of various forms of harassment failed; he ended my tenancy agreement and kicked me out. I knew this would happen and already organised with the company to move me. But i had to pay a portion of the move. So I began the process of seeking damages through a civil hearing listing 26 allegations which go against the protection from harassment act. The first sheriff said I had a case and proceeded with it. There were 3 case management meetings and two deferred dates. Then lockdown kicked us in the booty and 2 years after me having him served, another sheriff is now making me drop the case saying that my extensive list of allegations is "laughable" and wouldn't amount to harassment of any sort. This guy literally thinks that it's okay for a 65 year old to grab his 30 year old boss'/tenant's backside and ask guys what my nails feel like on their back. What's worse us that the cretin is now suing me for his 2 years of solicitor fees. How is it fair in any world that the sheriff makes somebody drop a case without giving them their fair hearing, after TWO YEARS, and then expects them to pay the other party's fees??
K - 6-Oct-20 @ 5:26 AM
Hi my name is Jamie and I am extremely upset and feel like I’m being victimised, as I am a white Muslim , I attended court today for my husband. I had to come in and out of the court building, and there was only male security at the door, the issue is not with the fact that they are male but the made me me feel extremely nervous. As every time I would walk past them they all would turn and stare at me! Making it plainly obvious it was me they were turning there gaze to! And when I was outside 4-5 of these very intimidating men would then stand facing me talking amongst themselves about me!! 2 of these gentlemen then came out to have a cigarette and stared blaitently at me ! Making me feel very uncomfortable! Every time I came back in they took longer than the usual time they did with others than they did me !! I suffer with anxiety so this did not help me at all, I get a lot of abuse as I am white and Muslim in the streets and expected better from them as I’m in a court building. I then raised my concerns and they raised their voices and denied my feelings and my opinion! I then asked to make a complaint, the only female security walked away from me passing me on to duty manager, who then was not going to let me make a full complaint, stating that we are all Muslim and that is why they were staring! In my faith men shouldn’t act this way and should show the up most respect! I finally managed to get the “wrong” details given to me on purpose! So I found yourself myself, and when the duty manager was aware of what I was doing, he then approached me as I’m sat down, again denying my feelings! And said we are all Muslim and that I should not make a complaint due to this!! Hey
Jamie - 2-Oct-20 @ 2:20 PM
Hi I've been a victim of police conduct where I discovered the man I was seeing was married not divorced he lied he send me a message on his wife's fb to send everything which were pics videos and messages I had a text from a number the next day the follower ING week a call at one in the morning from a pc asking me not to send anything to his with he doesn't want to have me arrested so I never I text this person as was not sure who it was she replayed it's hassament or her and her husband anyway April came whist in lock down I was unlawfully arrested for my phone no solicitor in a cell for four hours realize with nothing told to buy a new phone the next day I was given a interview in June not arrested just went with a friend in which I walkedout on one statement from his wife claiming I was talking to her in Feb I have had someone on my fb a unknown sergeant call to say not to go to the police station and ask for my phone until the investigation was complete which was June then in July phone number 2 unlawful arrest taking to the back of the station straight to a cell not booked into cusdoy where my call an hour later was a mobile phone not the stations almost like I was not meant to be there by the first lot I was searched in the cell and the pc that arrested me had my phone in her pocket and she never interviewed me either yep she took my phone back to horsham not even gone to digital but they wouldn't find much on it they have been sending me fake emails from complaints a fake letter with his handing on it from a sergeant his been having my universal credit letters and my work letters that send me almost like someone is pretenting to be me but all I get is my phones haven't been looked at. False allections about me to the point I'm under mental health and safeguarding as the police come here asking questions to see what I have now I'm worried they will do it again and take my new pad off me as I have changed my email address its wrong just to suite him and his marriage its not gone to cps I had no dna done no pics no finger prints no bail conditions nothing at all and they still have my phones they have run rings round me to the point I nearly took my own life over it
H - 10-Sep-20 @ 1:41 AM
I have a complaint about the handling of myself over a alleged " complaint " for sending unwanted text messages ( Which are easily ignored or blocked ) and letters ( which can easily be thrown away ) . If I was to know they were distressing I could have had a chance to stop. ( I had of my own accord and even informed her brother I would make efforts for up to a year as all I was receiving was silence ) How ever her alleged complaint taken by a DC , whom has decided to " investigate "under the title of " harassment "resulted in arrest at an airport coming home, though I fail to see how that is warranted ? Given I had stopped sending letters and being in a different country where I wanted to stay should be a indication of my lack of interesting in " harassing " any one in this country . It seems like the other way around in regards to the police whom kept turning up at my parents prior. I reassured my parents I have not committed any crimes and it must have been attached to a TFL ( None applicable dept ). I had not contacted the person for some time , was not in receipt of a warning or basic caution. I am struggling to understand why something so basic would result in 12 hours in custody a air port arrest and " investigation " seeing my phone taken when has resulted in continued inconvenience an inability to access my emails, gov gate way , universal credit sites , as my phone number is needed for every thing on line. This is a discriminatory, exasperated , inflamed , disproportionate attack on my person . Over something that could have been resolved with a simple letter. Proper code of conduct . I feel totally victimized, threatened , exposed to basically what feels like authority abuse. I have been told I need to attend a" bail " date in a different part of town, at a different station, over summer, this another inconvenience . The alleged " victim " of to many endearing, attentive communication told me she had " mental health issues " like " anxiety " so my communication was always respectful, if she didn't care for the messages or letters, all she needed to do was verbalize that . I believe the investigator is acting in some what on his own desire too penalize someone of the LGBT community .I believe this maybe be a set up , I believe it to be a lot of things other then professional or intending on justice when it has now coursed so much in my direction of a disproportionate almost hateful nature. The person the letters were addressed to did not verbalize a want I stop sending letters of a caring nature. Thus police could have, with out any of this DISTRESS AND DURESS.. Advise, how I tackle this injustice and discrimination in the system. I believe their investigation to be violation, invasive and inappropriate. I have been highly inconvenienced and need this to stop . I do believe it is starting to resemble a form of negligence in my human rights and its on going nature systematic abuse. Stop it before it does is the ad
Lars - 17-Aug-20 @ 3:44 PM
Can you help me the police have not give evidence to the crown court that would show them I’m innocent and made the witnesses change their statement because one of the witnesses husband is a police officer
Lee - 4-Jul-20 @ 1:41 AM
Warrington Court and Winsford ticket office (approved by police) are revenue raising from mobile speed cameras using civilian operators in the Crewe and surrounding areas, by picking specific spots where no deaths/accidents have taken place.They are ruining lives by fines and points for driving 35mph in 30 limits. sending people to trial in mock court settings outside the area of the mock offences.. These people in Warrington court and the police conspirators need to be brought to justice and exposed for corruption.
Corruption rife - 28-Jun-20 @ 10:49 PM
I am the defendant in a civil case that has been struck out twice and two reinstatement hearings dismissed. The judge accepted the claimants solicitors word that it was due to his own incomptance so refused to block claimant from reclaiming again....for a 3rd time. The Judge did not read my statement proving that this was not true and also said that I had defended the case myself prior to this final hearing which again is not correct as he would have seen had my statement been taken into account. I would like to complain to the court but feel I may prejudice any further hearing
cadlee - 26-Jun-20 @ 2:31 PM
My girlfriend was arrested in the UK last September 2019 and taken to Jersey Channel Islands to face charges of money laundering (a friend asked her to take back a couple of thousand pounds to the UK from Jersey which she thought was legitimate money). It was four weeks after she was arrested until she was given a Solicitor and has been on remand since. The case is due to be heard in September 2020. She is on remand for almost a year for something she didn't do. Bail was declined and the solicitor she has been given to deal with her case is not even a criminal defence Advocate. Despite Jersey being part of the UK it seems the legal system there works very differently to how it works in England.
Dawg - 24-Jun-20 @ 2:30 PM
My ex husband gave me some money for my children and now I’m being trialled for conspiracy to supply class a b c and money laundering. I have, on a number of occasions reported him to the police now because he gave me some money I’m being dragged into his mess! The police have been awful with me Iv worked all my life and always respected them and now they make me sick!There’s no support for anyone who is innocent the toll this has had on my mental state is horrendous. All because he gave me money to go to toy shop as he hadn’t given me a dime in years. If I was reading this about someone else I wouldn’t believe it! But it is sadly very true and my life is ruined.
Lu - 22-Jun-20 @ 2:08 PM
The court changed banking details and this has resulted in me not getting my kids maintenance for December 2019, January 2020 and the current month April. I have been following up with Pinetown court and father's work(Eskom). Eskom paid the court and the court hasn't paid me. This happened long ago and I didn't follow it up because I thought the court won't Rob me maintenance money for kids, now that it's happening again Im starting to worry that someone there is ripping us off and using our kids money for personal use. Please do assist and let's expose who ever thats responsible for taking our kids monies.
Silvia - 8-May-20 @ 3:28 PM
Hi I'd like to share my story of serious judicial dishonesty at the top of the UK Judiciary. The Supreme Court who lied in a Judgment to facilitate a fraud against me. I can prove the above and more including a Police cover up and am looking for an outlet to get me story out, can you help ?
Moondog - 6-Apr-20 @ 11:14 PM
Hello, my dad was murdered last year and we have really been kept out of the loop with regards to his case. We kept getting ignored by the courts when asking about the case. His trial actually happened last week and nobody told us?? Perpetrator got convicted for manslaughter but we feel we have missed out on seeing justice be done and would have helped our mental health massively to know what was going on. Is this weird?? We want to complain but don’t know our rights etc please can someone help me.
Emily - 25-Mar-20 @ 4:53 PM
Civil problem plz help me sir just call me all the problems I will tel me sir
aravind - 23-Feb-20 @ 6:06 PM
Would you believe it my family are the centre of using the family courts to steal my children and the Judge agreed to illegal child trafficking my child. I have reported my parents the police they have ignored all the abuse and that my son has been threatened that if he talks he will be killed and they will kill his parents. I want to report her to the police, how can you convict someone with no evidence and why does my parents want to steal our son. The judge has a has a track record of errors, however, I feel that she and the social services will send people to harass, stalk and mysterious appear at my social places(online) like they have been doing for a year. The social services and Cafcass also need to be reported to Scotland Yard as they are part of the scandal and have threatened me with psychiatry because I exposed their plan. They have deleted and added new evidence which is crazy and people from the outside who have read this think they are insane. How do they get away with this crap! Social Services, Cafcass need to be exposed for the crimes and the Judges that support their actions for profit and self gain. I need your advice people.
Junior - 12-Feb-20 @ 10:15 PM
Ref C1/2176/2019 I John Harker am a former Police Officer a set "free" mason by the Redeeming Love of Yahshua Messiah the Lord _ Masons worship their multi faith god aka Satan aka great architect of the Universe! They sing their closing hymn "May we all be together in that grand Lodge above so mote it be" Masons are a Mafia type "brotherhood" Satanic Cult who the lower Degrees who make Blood Oaths not to divulge secrets that are NOT secrets they are the lies and false promises of Satan their master. Many don't understand what they are part of as Masonry appeals to their ego and are able to meet and converse with exalted people! Parliament Judiciary Most Chief Constables and subordinates Barristers Solicitors Civil Service Media Press Professions Clergy even Pope Francis and Archbishop Welby are Satanic Masons hence why I have an additional Application into the RCJ with my very serious crime complaints that are to date being corrupt covered up in protectionism as Satanic Masonry is rooted in the cover up inc the Staff at the RCJ as well as HH Judge Belcher of Leeds Admin Court who most definitely ignored my legal Affidavit and INDISPUTABLE evidence plus 6 professional witnesses that all was prior corruptly covered up by DCI Martin of the Durham Police and the not fit for purpose first IPCC endemic with ex senior police Satanic Masons and then the very same with the IOPC all a front! Now on Pagan xmas Eve I received another threatening letter from a team leader at RCJ Joseph Goswell sorry the prior threat I got from him that my case was going to be dissmissed was last September as he threatened then the Court had NOT received all the material documents from me but I proved then the Court had and have still got the post delivery receipts! Now Goswell's letter with the same requirement of documents threatening to dismiss my case on the 10th January 2020 is signed as Manager! Obviously I am very very concerned and determined this public interest case is NOT swept under the carpet of cover up protectionism like what happened to those families of the Hillsborough victims and many others in this Country! Satanic Masonry needs exposing and OUTLAWING as a matter of urgency before many more lives are destroyed by much regular Travesty of Justice! I am a retired Advocate and help people Pro Bono who have become victims of this corruption Civil and Criminal Justice system! I am well experienced and have prior come up against Satanic Mason Chiefs and Senior officers in North Yorks and Cleveland Police and have attended prior the RCJ and would seek my Lawful Human Rights and demand a full meeting locally in Darlington as soon as possible with a none masonic lady Barrister or even a RCJ Judge as this case is very very serious in the National Public Interest! Please acknowledge receipt and address the important points plus I can submit my now THREE legal Affidavits plus my last response file dated 18th Sept 19 confirms my 2nd submission of the documents now wef
F.A.I.T.H. Advocates - 26-Dec-19 @ 7:22 AM
I have concerns about how my daughter's case was handled, however I am appalled by the lack of awareness on this discussion board. Surely personal details of this nature should not be shared openly?
Sam - 2-Dec-19 @ 11:56 AM
Sally.meaden@met.police.uk A referral came to our Serious crime unit At new Scotland yard in July regarding a Corruption Case involving a bent cop from Windsor Police Force in Berkshire. The Crooked police officer who tried to Hide various documents from a criminal Case in 2017 involving a illegal immigrant Who entered the UK on false documents And the bank Statements Were mysteriously Missing including voicemails from the illegal Immigrant threatening to plant narcotics Were also hidden from the criminal investigation Sally.meaden@met.police.uk
Metpoliceuk - 21-Oct-19 @ 11:49 PM
We were cc some emails regarding this case The CPS and the police were involved with hiding Evidence at the crown court in reading berks However the Witness was found lying in court As she falsely claimed being kidnapped but The court was shown pictures of her Christmas shopping together with the kidnapper in London 1 week after she claimed she was kidnapped Full of toilet waste lying to the crown court And the lying witness was arrested for various Assaults by Staines police station. Cant believe that that person was able to lie And get away with perverting the course of justice with help from the crooked Cops at Windsor police station. I read the man was sent to prison unfairly Because the email said the cps/police were Hiding evidence from the court. I have never trusted the police. Horrific domestic violence by a woman who shouldn't have been in the UK. Lcj.office@judiciary.uk
Cabinet office - 21-Aug-19 @ 2:54 AM
We were cc some emails regarding this case The CPS and the police were involved with hiding Evidence at the crown court in reading berks However the Witness was found lying in court As she falsely claimed being kidnapped but The court was shown pictures of her Christmas shopping together with the kidnapper in London 1 week after she claimed she was kidnapped Full of toilet waste lying to the crown court And the lying witness was arrested for various Assaults by Staines police station. Cant believe that that person was able to lie And get away with perverting the course of justice with help from the crooked Cops at Windsor police station. I read the man was sent to prison unfairly Because the email said the cps/police were Hiding evidence from the court. I have never trusted the police. Horrific domestic violence by a woman who shouldn't have been in the UK. Stephanie.mann@cabinetoffice.gov.uk
Cabinet office - 21-Aug-19 @ 2:53 AM
We read the case files about this miscarriage And noticed that Matthew knight was under A huge amount of pressure with various case Loads of back dated cases being placed on His work load I saw the Surrey police force Reports of how they had enough evidence To keep the illegal immigrant Freeda rodrigues In custody but gave her bail after she gave Surrey police false details to the police in July 2016. We also approached the John Radcliffe hospital who gave us information on the mental health issues of the illegal immigrant Freeda rodrigues Who was diagnosed by the John Radcliffe hospital with severe physiological problems After she gave birth to a baby girl August 2016 I cant understand how the illegal immigrant Freeda rodrigues was able to not be placed In custody for the horrendoums domestic violence she committed against the man She was witnessed on various occasions Assaulting the man with various weapons But the evidence was hidden from the criminal court trial in April 2017 which in deed lead to A gross miscarriage of justice as to hide Crucial evidence from a crown court case is nothing more than unlawful behaviour . privateoffice.EdwardArgar@justice.gov.uk
Stefan McLaughlin - 20-Aug-19 @ 6:23 PM
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    Re: Failure to Attend Jury Service
    Let me start by saying that I'm am so sorry for missing my court date for jury duty. I requested my time off my job for May…
    11 May 2022
  • Susie
    Re: Failure to Attend Jury Service
    I was supposed to go for jury duty on April 4, but I forgot the appointment due to my medication. I have a pain pump and it has…
    1 May 2022
  • Social Issues
    Re: Pre-Sentence Reports
    Hello, court bail and police bail are two different types of bail. It's very likely that your original police bail had those conditions.…
    29 April 2022
  • Dragon Queen
    Re: Pre-Sentence Reports
    After pleading guilty in a magistrates court and being released on unconditional bail, can the police still make a person attend and register…
    28 April 2022
  • Kumar
    Re: Caught Drink Driving
    Hi, I have clean licence and I have been driving for more than 8 years. I blew 49 at roadside and they take to station and after 3 hours they…
    27 April 2022
  • jury
    Re: Failure to Attend Jury Service
    These comments made me laugh
    9 April 2022
  • Social Issues
    Re: Pre-Sentence Reports
    Hello James, you don't appear to have asked many questions. Yes, it could be seven counts for seven hypothetical victims. A court has to…
    30 March 2022
  • James
    Re: Pre-Sentence Reports
    I should add that I am now 37 and have been in full time employment for over 17 years and part time before that during school/college.…
    28 March 2022
  • James
    Re: Pre-Sentence Reports
    I am an epileptic, have no previous convictions, in full time employment and live with retired parents partly funding their lifestyle, also…
    28 March 2022