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Court Costs and Legal Aid

By: Dave Howell - Updated: 18 May 2021 | comments*Discuss
Legal Aid No-win No-fee The Scottish

Going to court can be expensive. The law recognises that the high cost of court cases could mean that many people are not able to get the justice they may deserve. To ensure that everyone has an equal right to legal representation, various financial schemes have been set up to help those people that don't have the money to go to court themselves.

Legal Aid

If you can't afford the costs of going to court, you can apply to receive legal aid. The money you could get can be used to help with a range of civil court cases. You can apply for legal aid depending on:

  • How much you earn and how much money you have in assets such as your home or other property. You will normally not be eligible for legal aid if you have over £8,000 in assets, or earned over £2,435 as your gross income (before tax) last month.
  • What the chances are of you winning the case.
  • What type of case you are taking to court.

You can use an online legal aid calculator to work out how much money you might get if you applied for help. The legal aid calculator is available: on the government website.

Legal aid will usually only pay for:

  • The cost of the solicitor who will represent you in court.
  • Any initial help and advice you have been given about your case.
  • The cost of mediation in a family dispute.

If you are under 18 years of age you can apply for legal aid, but a person who is over 18 years old will have to apply for you. This is also the case if someone under the age of 16 wants legal aid. Their parent or guardian is the only people who can apply for legal aid on their behalf.

You can't receive legal aid for the following court cases:

  • If you are claiming asylum.
  • Cases involving businesses or partnerships.
  • Immigration, land and employment tribunals.
  • Personal injury claims.
  • Conveyancing (the buying and selling of a house).
  • Trust law.
  • Boundary disputes.
  • Libel or deformation of character.
  • Making a will.

Legal aid will in most cases pay for the vast majority of the court costs you will have. However, there may be cases where you do have to pay something towards your court case. The amount you may have to pay will be determined when your application for legal aid was processed.

You may find you have to pay some of your monthly income towards your legal costs. If your case results in you making a financial gain, you may have to use some of this money to replay a percentage of your legal aid. This is called the 'statutory charge'. You may even be asked to pay a lump sum at the end of your case.

Legal aid in Scotland and Northern Ireland

If you live in either Scotland or Northern Ireland you can still apply for legal aid, but you must do so through your own schemes.

The Scottish Legal Aid Board
Telephone: 0131 226 7061
Website: www.slab.org.uk

The Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission
Telephone: 028 9040 8888
Website: www.nilsc.org.uk

No Win No Fee

In some cases you may not qualify for legal aid. If you don't this doesn't necessarily mean you can't go to court. You could use a no-win, no-fee services that are available across the UK. It is important that you take legal advice before using these services so you understand what they are offering.

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I collided with a guy playing rugby. He broke a cheekbone and his nose. Now I'm being pursued for compensation. It was an accident on the rugby pitch. Yet what am I to do? I can't afford a solicitor. I'm pretty much done for. Is there any advice anyone would care to offer? Thanks
Tintinout - 18-May-21 @ 1:34 PM
I have just over the £8000 limit for legal aid other than than I only get a state pension. My question if say I employed you one I had paid some of my account could I reapply for legal aid? Also my wife has alleged domestic abuse. Is that something you could help me defend?
Pauly - 17-Mar-21 @ 5:09 AM
Hi I'm confused my sister has legal aid regarding a custody case with her son and ex husband.aparently she said that her solicitor rang saying she needed 150 to proceed with the finding a fact hearing.i thought legal aid meant that she didn't have to pay anything due to legal aid.im confused can anyone explain this thank you
Beau - 27-Feb-21 @ 11:49 AM
Can a parent get financial supportto attend court when their 13yr old child is on trial
Fran - 18-Feb-21 @ 10:03 PM
Hi I just have questions my ex not coming regularly but he is still welcome in my home but I have problem with older son he have therapist is all over the place but my ex want the kids Boxing Day at his house I try explain that is not good idea yet kids need more time and he is not happy so is blackmail me with court because I said no for one night what can I do he need understand that I do want our son get better and if we go court I m single mum with 3 kids I don’t have money for lawyers can you help me please
Boys - 21-Dec-20 @ 8:25 PM
I took my ex to court for a non molestation order for domestic abuse. I received legal aid. He paid his legal team. Anyway the judge didn’t believe me and he was ordered his money to be paid back to him about £7000 and it had to go to I think a head commissioner (something like that.) My ex is now using that he is paying the loan back as the courts didn’t pay him as ordered by the judge. Once ordered by a judge can it be turned down that his paid back?? I’m sure his just using this information to upset me and make me feel guilty. Deep down I believe his been paid back. It is none of my business but it keeps being thrown in my face at every opportunity and would like to know how if it’s true.
Eli - 14-Dec-20 @ 9:40 AM
Hello if someone contests a will and accepts an out of Court payment would this be classed as an inheritance we are talking about over a million pound's than you
Lindy - 1-Sep-20 @ 4:18 PM
My children's mother has stopped my children from coming to my house as my new partner has a dog who stays with us and my son has eczema. I am now be limited to 2 hour park visits with my children and feel discriminated against as my son has not had a reaction to the dog and my house is kept clean. I am desperate to have some normal contact with my boys and am terrified I won't be able to see them at Xmas. I work full time and don't claim universal credit, but I don't have a disposable income more than £100 per month. Can I get help???
Pete - 8-Aug-20 @ 8:18 AM
If I'm on benefits can I get legal aid for slander a care home lied about me when visited my friend which has lasting affects meaning local authority are saying I'm a risk .It's untrue effected me still dose mentel health which never suffered from before he lied said a safeguarding on me too . Which didn't exist and local authority wouldn't tell me it didn't can't express how this has affected me will for rest of my life . all I want to do is clear my name as Seriouse implications on my contact with my friend I'm no risk .
Monk - 12-Jul-20 @ 1:42 PM
My husband is to go to court on a criminal case. This involves the period before we met. Am I obliged to contribute to his legal fees as he is now a pensioner. The legal aid says because I work I should contribute. Beside they calculated in a way which leaves us with only £300 a month and how do I then pay bills? Do I have a legal right to refuse?
Sasa - 27-Jun-20 @ 12:07 PM
I have suffered enormous amounts of stress from my child's school. He started secondary school in September 2019.Since then it has been a nightmare my son has been receiving exclusion after exclusion and now he has been permanently excluded. He was on the SEN register since 2017 but nobody had taken actions to why his behaviour has been unacceptable . I was called into school every week to discuss behaviour. The school hadn't contacted outside agencies or other professionals to see the exact cause for behaviour. After so much tension and stress I decided to get him assessed by a private educational psychologist. He was diagnosed with severe ADHD and some additional learning needs. I am extremely disappointed by the schools assumptions that his behaviour was a cause of bad parenting and he was perfectly normal. I am disgusted by the behaviour of the Head towards me and my family.
ruby - 5-Jun-20 @ 10:09 PM
I had a glass of wine and drove my car to a friends house and on way there I had a puncture I carried on driving till I got there and had another 2 glasses of wine . Unbehole to me I was reported ant 25 minutes later I was arrested for drink driving. I only work part time and cant afford a solicitor, am entitled to legal aid .
Tats - 18-May-20 @ 10:45 PM
My partner recently passed away but had no will. I've lived with him for 22 years but he had started to buy the house approx 6 months before we met so it is in his name only. I moved in 6month later and we have payed off the house early.As theres no will am I entitaled to anything as his brother seems to think I'm not as we were not married and it's not in a will.But my hard earnings for the past 20 years have contributed surely...
Tiger1003 - 6-May-20 @ 3:13 AM
My wife filed for non molestation order against me and has lied so i can't even see our daughter with out going through her solicitors. I was abused and cant get legal aid i need help. I have a fact finding hearing early next year
Mom1 - 10-Dec-19 @ 9:50 AM
My wife has fabricated domestic abuse in an attempt to stop me seeing my son. The problem is that she is the abuser and I have factual evidence for all the lies she has told. She has submitted no evidence whatsoever. The problem is that she ia getting legal aid and I am not so it's very expensive. I am talking up to £40k!!. I went to court today and refused any undertaking whatsoever because I want to present evidence to prove that she is a persistent liar she is actually the abuser. I want to inform the legal aid authorities that she is abusing the system. Is there a way to do that?
Jj - 27-Nov-19 @ 1:37 PM
Hi. I left an abusive relationship 3 months ago and applied for legal aid in order to take out a non molestation order against my ex. The solicitors team rang back asking about my bank accounts and I thought I had given them all my details. We went to court and shortly after the legal aid people enquired about an account I had forgot to declare.My head was all over the place after the split and it was an honest mistake on my behalf (the account only had £30 in it). I supplied them with the informant and they sent me a legal aid certificate.I received a letter today advising me that my certificate is under review as I hadn't given all the information when required and that it may be revoked. I can't afford solicitor or court fees.What help can I get?
Jenna - 17-Sep-19 @ 2:13 PM
Hi my son wants to go for access to his children but his ex is messing him around with access can he get legal access and will he get any help he is on esa thanks
Happynana - 17-Jul-19 @ 6:12 PM
Had a very abusive and violent ex husband that had a law degree.Proceeded to court in 2006 he having been diagnosed with a paranoid personality disorder and a querulous litigant, he being also a litigant in person.Six years later after numerous appearances all sorts of allegations within the care act about my disabled children and my care he was stopped from seeing them. I got 65k costs and he never complied to any order, so never recieved any financial contribution, not even legal costs he owed me of 11k.Legal Aid Agency put charge on house that I am not able to contribute to as I'm a full time carer, today it stands at 83k.Ex has now died with no estate even thought he worked for many years.Financial abuse to the extreme and the courts allowed this to happen to me.Have tried everything to freeze interest on property as in the passage of time there will be nothing left, it seems it's okay for victims of domestic violence to be treated this way.
Olieli - 4-Mar-19 @ 9:21 PM
Hello, I would just like to make an enquirie would I be able to get legal representation to dispute a school exclusion against my 13yr old daughter on legal aid, she had a managed move to a different school and it failed, so the proposed school sent her back to her home school, but her home school will not allow her back into the school, the school has told me that she is not excluded and they will not allow her back at the school but have put her on an AP (alternative programme) any legal help would be very much appriciated. Thank you in advance. Rob
Rob - 25-Jan-19 @ 1:10 AM
Hells - Your Question:
I have been separated from my husband 2 years gone February. I'm wanting a divorce but I'm unable to pay the costs as I'm unemployed at present. would I be able to recover legal aid to cover all the cost of the divorce.

Our Response:
You can see more via the gov.uk link here, which should help answer your question.
CourtroomAdvice - 1-Jun-18 @ 2:51 PM
I have been separated from my husband 2 years gone February. I'm wanting a divorce but I'm unable to pay the costs as I'm unemployed at present.. would I be able to recover legal aid to cover all the cost of the divorce..
Hells - 28-May-18 @ 6:52 PM
My ex husband who I’m separated from has taken me to court over our daughters.They had told him about an occasion when my sister visited from Australia they didn’t see him and two other dates when they where Ill and off school. I don’t have any contact with him because he is aggressive and rude to me. The other time when it was the girls birthday he had them the weekend and it was the girls birthday on the Monday. No arrangements of him seeing them had been made so I had no idea. He now wants me to pay the legal fees of £1000. I struggle financially and don’t have any savings. I have not turned up in court and won’t the next time due to working. Will I have to pay his legal fees?
Jayne - 30-Mar-18 @ 6:03 PM
I have recently been to a children's safeguarding conference where I found out the mother of my son and grandmother have been acussing my son and his sister of lying at school about a abusive partner . I heard how both of the children spoke of abuse and it was covered up and allowed to go on . I gave PR and have a contact order she's broken.Can you give me some advise on what to do as social services are not really doing anything and I want my son in a safe environment? Many thanks
Mixxy - 1-Mar-18 @ 9:51 PM
Hi I am a foreign national with temporary admission to the U.K. (no immigration status) waiting the outcome of my application at the home Office, My ex partner has taken me to court for an alleged criminal damage to her car, which I was found guilty of in the magistrates court. Do I have to pay for the costs of solicitors? It has been forwarded to crown court, and do I have to pay if I want to appeal the conviction??
Femz - 20-Feb-18 @ 12:26 PM
Rr - Your Question:
Ex is taking me to court for custody he's not on bc I can't afford a lawyer as single mum on benefits.is there any help.out there for me please

Our Response:
Many parties, both fathers and mothers have had no choice other than to become litigants in person after the withdrawal of public funding for the majority of private law children applications. The emphasis currently is to keep parents out of the courts and, since the Family Justice Review in 2011, the Government has been focusing on funding dispute resolution services such as mediation. Mediation is usually requested by the courts prior to any court application as a way of encouraging parents to try to come to a solution mutually. While the courts prefer parents to negotiate between them with regards to contact and access, sometimes parents are not in agreement, in such cases it can be passed to the court to decide. As the court’s main concern is the welfare of the child in question, the court will always put the child’s best interests first and this main issue will determine the outcome of any application for an order. If the parent is representing themselves in court, then litigants in person must be treated equally before the law and have equal access to justice. Judges have a duty to ensure a fair trial by giving them due assistance to achieve this. Sometimes parties act alone and sometimes they can have the; 'right to reasonable assistance' of a McKenzie Friend. You can see more via the link here.
CourtroomAdvice - 4-Jan-18 @ 9:54 AM
Ex is taking me to court for custody he's not on bc I can't afford a lawyer as single mum on benefits..is there any help.out there for me please
Rr - 3-Jan-18 @ 2:14 PM
@Tea - no, but if it goes to court, she could get landed with the court costs if she doesn't comply. It depends upon whether she is actually entitled to any financial settlement i.e if she helped towards a deposit or not, or put any money into the house. Just because she signed an agreement, where that agreement isn't legal it means she can at any point change her mind. If she is just being generally awkward or bullish then the court might slap the costs on her. The only problem is, it will cost either way if the matter ends up in court. Hopefully...your solicitor has laid out the implications of what might happen if she doesn't respond.
AidD - 5-Oct-17 @ 10:56 AM
5 years ago I got a mortgage with my ex,she left after 14months and signed a legal agreement to transfer her legal estate in return of me drawing up a new mortgage in my name and freeing her of the debht...as I was changing from imployed to self imployed the bank requested 3years of books (proof of income) Recently I have drawn up and payed for the new mortgage at her request this April (as she is trying to declare bankrupsy and needs to come off) but she is refusing to sign over the deeds without a financial agreement...? Therefor folding on the agreement signed by her in 2013 when she left . I am paying a solicitor to deal with the matter and write a final letter (as she has ignored the transfer of estate doc sent prior by the mortgage solicitor) Can I sue her for unnesisary spendature on my behalf as this is her creation and request yet folding on the agreement?
Tea - 4-Oct-17 @ 1:20 PM
Losa - Your Question:
After mediation failed my husband has now applied to the court for joint custody of our 13 yr old daughter.I Am single mom and cannot afford a solicitor.Can I get legal aid?

Our Response:
Unless there has been confirmed domestic violence involved, you would not be able to get Legal Aid. Legal Aid is incredibly rare these days as has all but been ablolished. The aim now is to direct parties in private law cases to mediation rather than funding them to proceed to court. Court is now seen as a last resort where all other methods through mediation have failed. Despite all the funding for mediation however, there is no guarantee that it will work. So if a case does proceed to court, you can self-litigate, if you cannot afford legal representation. Litigants in person must be treated equally before the law and have equal access to justice. Judges have a duty to ensure a fair trial by giving them due assistance to achieve this.
CourtroomAdvice - 2-Oct-17 @ 3:01 PM
After mediation failed my husband has now applied to the court for joint custody of our 13 yr old daughter. I Am single mom and cannot afford a solicitor.Can I get legal aid?
Losa - 30-Sep-17 @ 10:06 PM
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